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There are four people in my family : my mum , Enza , my father, Luigi , my sister , Miriam and I. My parents are both teachers, my mum teaches in an elementary school instead my father works in a high school, they are forty-three years old. My sister is a student in ”Devota Maculan” school ,she is nine years old; my sister is very spiteful.



My house is in via De Amicis n°11. It has two floors on the first one there is my grandmother, on the second one there is my family. In my house there are nine rooms: one hall, one attic, one kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living room. My favourite room is the attic because there are many games.



In my spare time I go to the youth club to play with my friends or I ride my bike with them. In the youth club we can play soccer and basketball (but I am not very good ).When I finish my homework I play with my sister or computer games. On Tuesdays and Fridays I practice tennis, I like this sport because I enjoy very much.



My school is in Inganni street n.7.Its name is “San Tommaso Moro” school; it is a school-media but in the other floors there are an elementary, a high school and a infant school. In my school there are many laboratories: the science, the art and the C.D.T. ones. There is a gym too, the students can do P.E. there, but sometimes we have lessons in the garden of the school. My teachers teach me Science, Art, Italian, Religion, Geography, History, Music, P.E., C.D.T., Grammar, Latin, English, Maths. My favourite subjects are Art and Science, because I like discovering the mysteries of the world, and I like to express my feelings in colours. I ate grammar because it is too difficult to memorise verbs.


My town

My town is Cesano Boscone; I like this because there isn’t much traffic and there are many beautiful parks, the biggest is “Pertini Park”.

The most important Church in my town is San Giovanni Battista, because it is an ancient building, maybe built by Teodolinda Queen. Under the floor of the church there are two Paleo-Christian baptisteries. In Cesano Boscone there are two Cultural Centres: “Città Viva”, where there is a Cinema and Theatre Spectacle; and “Villa Marazzi” where there is a Bibliotheca and a place where exhibitions are organized. There is a monument dedicated to dead soldiers of the Second World War. In my town there are many shops and supermarkets, too.


My last Summer Holidays

In my last summer holidays I went to Ossimo, a town in Vallecamonica. There I spent almost all my holidays. There I played with my friends: Gabriele and Davide. I like that town because it is very quiet and beautiful. I often went on trips to the mountains and to the woods.

In The second part of my holyday I went to Igea Marina to take part in Meeting. I usually went to the sea to swim or to play on the beach. I stayed in Igea Marina for two weeks then I returned to my house. In my last Summer Holiday I enjoyed very much. 


My future plans

The next year I am going to an artistic high school: “Sacro Cuore”. This school is very efficient and I have liked it since the first moment I saw it. I am going there because I like drawing and expressing my feelings through paintings. I don‘t know what I can do in the future but I hope I will do something than can make me a great and happy man.


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