Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer – di Emanuela P. R. Fraschini

Recita natalizia, per consolidare l’ apprendimento delle  strutture della lingua inglese

R = Rudolph
Rain = 1° renna
Deer = 2° renna
Star= 3° renna
SC = Santa Claus
La scena si apre con le
renne che cantano “Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer
Rain Deer Star = Ho, ho, ho ! Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer has a
very shiny nose! Ho, ho, ho….!
R = Ci resta male…. mentre le renne giocano a palla, lui
le osserva e chiede =
May I play with
Rain = No, you may not.
R = May I play with you?
Deer = No, you may not.
R = May I play with you? Please….!
Rain Deer Star = No!
R = Why? You can drive
Rain = Because you can’ t you can’ t play, so you may not
Deer = You can’ t play …. so…. you may not play
R = I can play
Rain = No, you cannot.
R = Yes, I can. I can play. May I play?
Rain  = No, you can’
t. And you may not.
R  (piange) = May
I play with you?
Deer = No
R = Why?
Rain = Because you have a red nose! You are different….
you are strange!
R (piange)
Arriva Santa Claus
SC = Ho, ho, ho ! It’ s a foggy night, tonight. I can’ t
see so well…. (SC  si accorge di
Rudolph, gli va vicino e gli chiede )
= Hello, Rudolph. Why are you crying?
R = Because I may not play ….
SC = Why?
R =  Because I have
a red nose….
SC = Oh, yes. You have a red nose. ( SC pensa e ha un’
idea … Rivolto a Rudolph …)
Rudolph, with your nose so bright …. can you
drive my sleigh tonight?
R = Oh, yes! I can! Thank you, Santa.
SC = Thank you, Rudolph…. ho, ho, ho… Let’ s go!
Rain Deer Star = Oh, Rudolph! You can guide! OH !
R = Yes, I can. And I may! … I may ! ….. I may!

Tutti cantano ” Rudolph
the red-nosed reindeer”