Serious drug problems

The sale and use of illegal drugs is an enormous problem in a lot of countries all over the world.

The problem concerns both hard drugs and soft drugs.

hard drugs are powerful drugs that seriously damage peoples health, like heroin crack and cocaine. Soft drugs, or recreational drugs”, are so-called because many young people take them for enjoyment and some people believe that all kinds of drugs are very dangerous.

Cannabis and ecstasy are examples of soft drugs.

Ecstasy, also called E”, became very popular with young people in the 1990s  because it gives people lots of energy to stay awake and dance all night.

The truth is that all drugs can be very dangerous.

Drug abuse among young people is a very serious problem.

The use of drugs not for medicinal purposes but for pleasure and enjoyment  create a lot of drugs addicts and even the death of numerous people, especially young people.

So government and private citizens would like to see the problem solved.

However, drug traffickers and drug pusher make enormous amounts of money on the illegal sale of drugs, so it is extremely difficult to fight the problem and eradicate it.

The problem regarding drugs are not being solved fast enough, and more and more young people become involved whit drugs each year.

Schools and community organizations  are trying to help in many places, but a lot more needs to be done.

Fortunately, a lot of young drug addicts finally realize the danger they are in and try to come out of it by going into communities that are dedicate to helping them stop taking drugs.

The sad thing is, however, that a great number of druggies just cannot bring themselves to get help and kick the habit.

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