AS AND LIKE – unit 4

          preposition (when is following by a noun)
      example : like a house (come una casa)
      example : like it (come esso)
      example : like swimming (nuotando)
          to create a sort of comparison (the comparison is not real)
      example : my house is like your house
          preposition (tell what job/function a person/thing has)
example : as a chief, I have to cook all the day (come cuoco, devo cucinare tutto il giorno)
              : I used the tin as a cup to drink out of (ho usato un barattolo come tazza per bere)
          some verbs are followed by AS + OBJECT
example : he is known as a generous person (è conosciuto come una persona generosa)
          SUCH AS = per esempio
Example : I enjoy films, such as thriller  (mi piacciono I film, per esempio I thriller)
          Conjunction (followed by subject and verb)
Example : she cut up the vegetables as I had taught her (taglia le verdure come le ho insegnato)
          Comparison (the comparison is real)
      Example : as palace, Windsor is very impressive (come palazzo, Windsor è davvero solenne)