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Disegna I personaggi sulla base - Portale Scolastico | Atuttascuola

Disegna I personaggi sulla base

della descrizione

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Jane is tall. She has got long slim legs and big shoulders. She has got big hands and red nails. Her hair is blond, smooth and long and her eyes are green. She has pink lips. She has got large hips. She has got small feet.
CLOTHES: she has got a black hat on the head. She wears a blue T-shirt, a white skirt, and brown heeled boots.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: John is short and fat. He has got curled brown hair and dark eyes. He has got big arms and a big belly(pancia). He has got small shoulders. He has got sticking-out ears like Dumbo. He has long feet.
Clothes: he wears a green jacket, a white shirt(camicia), a red tie (cravatta), a pair of brown trousers and a pair of black trainers.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Martha is an old woman. She is 80. She is slim. She is average height (altezza media). She has got short grey hair and blue eyes. She has got a big nose and a small pink mouth. She has got wrinkles (rughe) around the eyes. She has small feet.
CLOTHES: She wears a red hat on the head, a blue dress, black shoes and she has got a brown bag.