Robert L. Stevenson


1.            The main characters of the story are : Jim Hawkins and Long john Silver

2.          Jim Hawkins is a boy who lives In his mother ‘s inn ,his father died . He help his mother to work in the inn.

3.           Captain Bill is an old pirate who has a mysterious sea chest .He goes to Jim ‘s inn to hide himself, in fact he is afraid of other pirates, they want the sea chest where there is the map of the treasure. He teme a man with one leg

4.          Capitan Flint is a terrible  pirate , he is the most bloodthirsty pirate that ever sailed the seas , he hide his treasure in an island and killed his sailors.

5.           Capitan Bill had the map but when he died Jim found it .

6.           Jim, doctor Livesey ( a friend of Jim ‘s father ), Squire Trelawney and Captain Smollet  go to look for the treasure.

7.           Captain Smollet is the Captain of Hispaniola , this ship carries Jim and his friends to the island where there is  the treasure . He  doesnt like the crew.

8.          He was a Flint ‘s pirate, he likes Jim Hawkins because Jim reminds Silver  of himself when he  was young .He is the leader of the pirates

9.           The pirates pretend they are sailor on the Hispaniola

10.     Ben Gunn was a Flint ‘s pirate , he was on Flint ‘s ship when he  buried the treasure on the island . Three years before  he had sailed by with another ship, they passed by these island ,Ben recognized it and he  proposed to his comrades to look for the treasure .They dug for a week but couldnt find it. So they left Ben on the island as a punishment. .

11.        No , they dont. When the pirates arrive at the place where Flint       had buried the treasure they find nothing.

12.      Ben Gunn found the treasure two years before and hid it in his cavern

13.       Jim and his friends transport the sacks of treasure to the schooner, the treasure will be shared among them. Theyre going back to England.

14.      I like this book very much because the plot is beautiful and exciting and there are many coup de theatre.