WH QUESTIONS What time did you come home last night?

Objectives: * Practice using wh question words to make questions.

Question words: who, what, when, where, which, how

Example: The train arrived at ten oclock. (what time) What time did the train arrive?

1.      They do their homework at night. (when) 

2.      Mr. Robertson come to the party alone. (who) 

3.      The car is across the street from the house. (where) 

4.      I like the red blouse, not the blue one. (which)   

5.      That is an English book. (what) 

6.      My sister calls her boyfriend at 5 oclock (when) 

7.      He studies piano at the university. (what) 

8.      The t-shirt is for $5.50. (how much) 

9.      She eats a sandwich. (what) 

10.   She studies hard. (what) 

11.   My parents have two cars. (how many) 

12.   They come to visit at 7 oclock. (when) 

13.   He goes to work every day. (where) 

14.   The man with the white hat is my brother. (who) 

15.   I dont get up early because I like to sleep late.(why) 

16.   We have an English class every day. (how often) 

17.   They like to dance on weekends. (what) 

18.   The club is not far from their house. (where) 

19.   Their favorite kind of music is Latin Jazz. (what) 

20.   I have a backache. I dont bring my dictionary today because its too heavy. (why)