Cappuccetto Rosso in inglese

Copione per alunni di Scuola Elementare

Emanuela Fraschini

By Emanuela P R Fraschini
N= Narratore
T= Tutti
LRRH= Little Red Riding-hood
BW = The Bad Wolf
Altri personaggi

N – Once upon a time, there was a little girl (entra LRRH, si guarda intorno e cerca il cappuccetto rosso) who used to wear (LRRH trova il cappuccino rosso e lo indossa) a little red riding hood (finge di specchiarsi); so, everybody in the village used to call her Little – Red – Riding – Hood” (LRRH fa linchino) .
T – Hello, Little-red-riding-hood!
LRRH – Hello, everybody!
Marco – Hello, LRRH!
LRRH – Hello, Marco!
Benedetta – Good-morning, LRRH!
LRRH – Good-morning, Ms Benedetta

LRRH – Very well, thank you.
T – And you? How are you, Fred?
Federico – Me too. Thank you. Good-bye, LRRH.
LRRH – Good-bye, Fred.
T – Bye-bye, LRRH!
LRRH – Bye-bye, everybody.



N – LRRH was poor, and she used to live with her mother (entra la mamma e fa linchino.

T – Hello, mum. Mum – Hello, everybody) in a small house (alcuni bambini portano una casetta, LRRH vi entrano e salutano), in the village.
LRRH and Mum – Welcome.
LRRH and Mum – Good-night.

N – One day, her mother called her
Mum – LRRH LRRH come here, please! LRRH! LRRH!

N – She came and said:
LRRH – Hallo, Mum! What do you want?
T – What do you want?
Mum – LRRH, please, take this basket and bring it to your grandmother, because shes ill in bed.
LRRH – O.K., Mum.
T – O.K., Mum!
Mum – But, listen! Dont stop in the wood.
T – OK, Mum
Mum – Dont talk to anybody
T – OK, Mum
Mum – Go running, straight ahead!
T – Go quickly go running straight away . GO ON !
Mum – Dont talk to the Bad Wolf!
LRRH – Why, Mum?
Mum – Because hes bad.
T – Because hes Bad !
LRRH – OK, Mum
N – She said . And went.



N – She was walking and walking .
T – and walking and walking
N – and she stopped.
(LRRH si ferma e si guarda attorno)
N – to bring strawberries
T – and atrawberries and strawberries and strawberries
N – for her grandmother. And she went.
N – She was walking .
T – and walking and walking and walking .
N – -and she stopped.
(LRRH si ferma e si guarda attorno)
N – to bring mushrooms and mushrooms
T – and mushrooms and mushrooms
N – for her grandmother. And she went.
T – And she went.
T – She was walking and walking and walking and walking
N – and she stopped, to bring flowers
T – and flowers and flowers and flowers
N – for her grandmother.
T – And she went.
N – No! She didnt.
T – NO?!
N – She was bringing flowers, when she met the bad wolf!
T – The Bad Wolf!
BW ( si avvicina a LRRH e le fa un inchino) – Hello, LRRH
LRRH – Hello. Whats your name?
BW – My name is Wolf.
LRRH – Hello, Wolf. (fa per andarsene)
BW (la trattiene, si guarda attorno, sghignazza, sorride) – What a hurry! Where are you going, baby?
LRRH – To my grandmother, who lives in a house near the wood
T – No, stupid! Dont tell!
BW – Oh, what marvelous things, you bring who are they for?
LRRH – For my grandmother
BW – What a kind thing for your grandmother what a kind thing .!
T – What a kind thing
BW – Why do you bring the basket to your grandmother?
LRRH – Because shes ill in bed
BW – Oh, I see- (rivolto al pubblico, sghignazzando) . Shes ill in bed!

BW – Execuse, me baby, but Im in a hurry .! Good-bye!
LRRH – Good-bye . Bad Wolf!

N – The Bad Wolf run away, and LRRH remained in the wood, bringing: flowers, and mushrooms, and strawberries, and so on . For her grandmother.



T – In that while, the Bad Wolf arrived to the grandmothers . And ate her.
N – and he went in bed, sleeping and waiting for

N – When LH arrived, she knocked on the door
LRRH – Toc-toc . Toc-toc ..
T – Toc-toc . Toc-toc toc-toc …..
BW /Grammy – Who is?
T – Who is?
LRRH – Its me, Grammy . LRRH. 
May I come in?
Grammy – Oh, yes, please, come in , my baby.
Do close the door, please.
LRHH – Oh, Granny . What big eyes, you have!
Grammy – Oh, .. its to see you better, my baby.
LRRH – Oh, Granny, .. what big ears, you have!
Grammy – Oh, its to hear you better, my baby!
LRRH – Oh, Grammy, . What big mouth, you have!
Grammy – Oh . Its to eat you better, my baby!
N – and he ate her . Poor baby .