EX. 1 – Complete the following dialogues in a suitable way.

Hello, you must be Mr Bradley. Im Susan Greene.         __________________________________________________

Mr MacCabe, how do you do?                                          __________________________________________________

Hi, Susan. How are you?  Not too good actually. And you?_________________________________________________

Well, this is my stop. Goodbye. It was_____________________________  Yes, we must________________________

Look at the time! I really_____________________________. Yes, I ____________________________too.

Remember________________________________. Thanks, I will. And give_________________________________

_______________________________? No, thanks , Im just looking round.

_______________________________? No, Im afraid not.

_______________________________? No, sorry. Youve got the wrong person.

Great party, isnt it?  Mm, not bad.  _______________excuse me? Im just____________________________________


Well, I suppose Id__________________________Yes , I must_____________________too (do not use GO here!)


EX. 2 – Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositons.Put X if no prepositon is required.

1)       I am good _______English, History and Science, but I am terrible_______Maths.

2)       I work_________an insuraance company: ____ my job I have to be prepared to work 12 hours _____day.

3)       ________the moment, I am working _______a case involving designer watches.

4)       Its ______the tip _______my tongue.

5)       My husband is not terribly interested________football. He is not very keen______sports .

6)       Ill look it up ________the dictionary.

7)       Open your book ______page 34!

8)       How do you get_______school ? I usually go _____bicycle, but when it rains I go _____bus. However, I never go

_______foot or ______my fathers car because he leaves for work earlier than me.

9)       Its time to leave: I dont want to get______home too late. Well, if you leave now, youll arrive______home at 10.

10)   Last night I saw an interesting programme ______television.


EX. 3 – Present Simple or Present Continuous?

1)       What (your little brother / do)__________________________? He (play)______________________with the dog.

2)       What time ( the concert/start)______________________? It (begin)_______________at 9.00 but we (leave)_____

_____________early because we (have)_____________a drink with our friends before.

3)       I hate her! She (always/tell)_______________________me what to do!

4)       When (you/see)___________________John? Tomorrow.

5)       When water (freeze)________________it (change)_______________into ice.

6)       (you /hear)___________________me or shall I speak louder?


EX. 4 – Translate.

1)       Com’è la tua ragazza ? E gentile, sensibile, timida ma talvolta è anche l’unatica e testarda.

2)       Non sopporto le persone curiose  e tirchie. Neanch’io.

3)       Come Susan di aspetto? E alta, magra con lunghi capelli ricci.

4)       Tom è un uomo calvo, grasso , basso con grandi baffi neri.

5)       Una ragazza dai capelli scuri.

6)       Una camicia dalle maniche corte.

7)       Una donna dalla vista corta (bassa).

8)       Un vestito (da donna ) dalla vita stretta.

9)       Un paio di scarpe dai tacchi alti.

10)   Di che colore sono i suoi capelli? Sono biondi e ondulati.


EX. 5 – Put the adjective in the correct order before the noun.

1) a car:                racing/Italian /expensive/red

2) a man:              pessimistic/ young / ugly

3) some insects:    brown/ horrible/ little

4) a vase:              pear-shaped/ glass/ beautiful

5) a skirt:              short/ silk / fashionable.


EX. 6 – Add QUESTION TAGS  to the following sentences.