classe terza

EX.1 -Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple  or Present Continuous.

1)       I (not talk)______________to my sister at the moment. Shes so nosy! She (always/read) _____________my letters and I (think)_____________she (even/look at)_____________my diary:

2)       I (not/understand)______________my father. He (say)______________he (hate)__________driving but he

(already/own)________________two carss and he(think)_____________of buying another.

3)       I (smell) ___________something burning.

4)       Mary (see) ________________John tomorrow evening. They (go)______________to the cinema.

5)       He (generally/wear)______________dark suits, but today he (wear)_______________a light one.

6)       Mark (not/ know)________________what he will do after school.

7)       Andrew (always/come)______________back home late. It (make)_____________me angry!

8)       What (you/do)_____________? I (be) ____________a teacher, but I (not/work)_____________at the moment.

9)       Can I speak to Tom? Im sorry: he (have)_____________a shower.

10)   When (you/boil)_____________water, it (evaporate)_____________and it (become)_____________steam.


EX. 2 – Fill in the blanks with one of these adverbs : QUITE – RATHER -VERY.

1)       My cars ___________reliable. It almost never breaks down.

2)       The actors on ‘Mai dire Gol are __________funny! I cry with laughter whenever I watch them.

3)       Youre __________right! Shes expecting a baby.

4)       Our neighbour is ____________nosy. She is always watching us from behind the curtain.

5)       Its ___________impossible to get the tickets. They sell out within half an hour.


EX.3 – Give the correct adjective for each definition.

-someone who refuses to change his/her mind______________

-someone who is always telling other people what to do________________

-someone who changes mood suddenly________________

-someone who is practical and able to make good decisions__________________

-someone who is never afraid______________


EX: 4 -  Write the adjective with the opposite connotation.

crafty = ________________   nosy =________________ mean=________________accurate=______________

reckless=_____________ extravagant=________________


EX.5 – Express a) agreement  b) disagreement with the following sentences:

1) I feel rally tired                                    ________________          _________________

2) I am working hard                                ________________          _________________

3) I am not extravagant                               ________________          _________________

4) I thought the exam was easy                 ________________          _________________

5) Ive never seen this film before            _______________      _________________

6) I will be here next week                       _______________      _________________

7) Id like to be a model                          _______________     _________________

8) I cant sing                                         _______________      _________________


EX.6 – Rewrite the following sentences replacing the underlined verbs with PHRASAL VERBS.

1)       The Second World War started suddenly in 1939.

2)       She was late because her car stopped working on the way here.

3)       The thieves entered the house by force  last night.

4)       Her husband died so she had to raise the children by herself.

5)       When he arrived nobody was there because the meeting had been cancelled.