classe seconda

EX.1 – Look at the map and build up two dialogues following the guidelines. Use  Prepositions of Place.

DIALOGUE   A  : Speaker A – Chiede la strada per l’ospedale.

                              Speaker  B  – Partendo dal punto dato, fornisce le indicazioni stradali.


DIALOGUE  B  :  Speaker  A – Chiede la strada per la stazione degli autobus.

                              Speaker  B – Partendo dal punto dato, fornisce le indicazioni stradali.

                              Speaker  A – Chiede quanto è lontano.

                              Speaker  B – Dice che è una distanza percorribile a piedi.

EX.2 – Write a letter to a pen-friend in which you describe your town: say what are its attractions and what you can do there. Try to use these linkers as much as you can: BUT, SO, AS, ALTHOUGH, BECAUSE. Divide the letter into


EX. 3 – Rewrite the following sentences replacing the underlined words with synonyms.

-          Tony invited a few friends out to supper.

-          The restaurant is in a quiet part of the town, the food is delicious and the waiters are friendly.

-          Tony did not book a table because Thursday is not a busy evening as a rule and the restaurant is never crowded.

-          The table was  out of sight.

-          The waiter came after nearly an hour.

-          Tony advised his friends about the best dishes.

-          We had to hold on for a long time.

-          We could tell from the waiters face that he had bad news for us.

EX. 4 – Write questions for these answers.

EX. 5 – Write questions and answers using YET and ALREADY.

EX. 6 – Put the verbs in bracket to the PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE or the SIMPLE PAST.

1)       They (go) _______________to the U.S.A. two years ago but now they (come back)____________to England.

2)       I am sure I (be) ____________here before.

3)       She (not forgive)_______________me yet for forgetting her birthday.

4)       Is it still snowing? No, it (stop)_______________five minutes ago.

5)       We (have)_________________a lot of problems recently.

6)       Somebody (steal)_______________my purse while I was on the bus.

7)       My grandfather (die)_____________in the First World War.

8)       Who(write)_______________Robinson Crusoe?

9)       (you/ever/be)_________________to Mexico? Yes, I (visit)______________Mexico twice.

When (you/go) _______________there last? I (go)_____________in August.

10)  What time (you/wake up)_________________this morning?

        At 5, then I (go)______________for a walk.

        I (never wake up)________________so early in my life.

11)    (You/ever/fly)___________________before? No, its the first time_______________

12)   (you/see)_________________Tom? NO, in fact it is a week since I ______________him.