The empire defeated

and the decline of paganism

The Persians defeated and killed Julian and took possession of Armenia. In fact, the initial victories of Julian pushed him too far, and created the conditions for a weakness of the empire in the East.

The Emperor Valentinian chose as its capital Milan and Rome , for its strategic location, and Milan remained important until 402, when Ravenna was chosen in his place.

Valentinian was a Catholic , but tolerant of the pagans.

His successor, Valens was defeated at Adrianople in 378 by the Visigoths , with whom he had entered into a pact that did not survive , because of some episodes, such as the killing of some Goths, by a Roman officer .

A few years later, in 382, Theodosius , emperor of the East , the Goths were reinstated in the army, but without being subject to more Roman officials .

In 388 until 395 , when the emperor died of the West, Gratian, the Empire was reunified by Theodosius , that:
1 . In 380 he issued the Edict of Thessalonica Thessaloniki today , with which the Catholic religion became the state religion
2 . In 390 he condemned to death 7000 people in Thessalonica , responsible for the clashes , during which an officer died goth, but Christmas always humbly asked forgiveness of the 390 to the bishop Ambrose, and took from him the Eucharist , evidence of the influence of the bishops and the fact that the emperor had to submit to the natural and divine law
3 . in 391 he convened the Council of Constantinople ( second ecumenical council of Nicaea in 325 after that ) when it was repudiated Arianism , which, however , turned away from the empire , then spread among the Goths and Vandals
4 . Eugene defeated in 394 , a Christian, but sympathizer of paganism.
5 . died in 395 and left the empire, but split for good , including Honorius ( West) and Arcadius ( East)