A comparison

Melville” Moby Dick” & Coleridge ” the Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

compito di inglese

1-      Outline the setting of the two works

2-      Describe the plot of both the works

3-      Ahab and the Mariner: describe how they have been able to influence the crew

4-      Ahab and the Mariner: explain in which way their actions differ (the killing of the Albatross and the chase of Moby Dick)

5-      Apparently Ahab has got a justification for his hunt, describe what it is and say whether the Mariner has any sort of justification

6-       Starbuck and the Mariner survive the disaster: explain why

7-      Describe what Moby Dick represents for Ahab and the albatross for the Mariner

8-      In Moby Dick there is an evident influence of the English romantic poets, say what can be considered “romantic”