Dickens questions

Compito di inglese su Charles Dickens

DAVID COPPERFIELD by Charles Dickens

1.      David Copperfield is a Bildungsroman”. What does it mean?

2.      The plot may be mainly divided into three parts: which are they? What do they describe?

3.      Is it an autobiographical novel? If yes, explain why

4.      Which are the main themes?



1.      What is the passage talking about?

2.      Who are the protagonists?

3.      Who is telling the story?

4.      Does the protagonist tell a story happening in that moment? If not, how can you understand that? What is the atmosphere in the classroom like?

5.      What does Mr. Creakle look like?

6.      What is he like?

7.      What sort of relationship is there between the boys and Mr. Creakle?

8.      Why does David feel ashamed? Of what?

9.      What are the objects used by the teacher?

10.  What do these objects symbolize?

11. Find relations between this passage and the Victorian code as far as education is concerned.