Esercizio di trasformazione n.1

Trasforma le frasi seguenti utilizzando l’aggettivo possessive appropriato. Segui l’esempio.


Ex.   Shes got a blue car                  Her car is blue.


1.          Shes got three children.

2.          Bob’s got a nice wife.

3.          Jacks got an empty pumpkin.

4.          John and Mary have got a good job.

5.          The newsagent has got many magazines.

6.          A cat has got seven lives.

7.          Jane and I have got a red schoolbag.

8.          My mother has got a French name.

9.          The Grim Reaper has got a long sickle and a black gown.

10.       You have a noisy little brother.

11.       A Jack-o-lantern has got a scary face.