Foreign politics of Antonini and Severi

Trajan pushed across the Danube , and defeated the Dacians in the early years of the second century AD and did celebrate his victories with Trajan’s Column , which chronicles his exploits as a film of a film bonded to spiral around it.

Even today in that region , not surprisingly called Romania , they speak a Romance language .

Then he showed his military prowess ( as had been sighted Nerva to adopt it ! ) Also defeated the Parthians , black beast of the Romans until then, and conquering Armenia, Syria and Mesopotamia .

After his wars of expansion, however , the emperors following is devoted to the consolidation of boundaries. Hadrian built the fortifications along the limes ( border) in Britain, the so-called Hadrian’s Wall, between the Rhine and the Danube, and even if there were no masonry, creating a boundary line always monitored by a system of sentries and watchtowers : not just a Chinese wall , but at least a palisade Roman says.

Adriano left Mesopotamia has always been difficult to defend , and preferred to consolidate the border further west .

Under Antoninus Pius we enjoyed a lasting peace, but his successor , Marcus Aurelius , despite being a philosopher-emperor , he was forced to lead the Roman army to repel the attacks on the border .

First of all, his troops had to fight against the Parthians in 166 AD, but they were mostly decimated by an epidemic .

Then the emperor himself led the army against the threatening Germanic tribes of Quadi and Marcomanni . He also managed to win , but died during the military campaign , leaving power to his son Commodus, who foolishly did not take advantage of the victories of his father, and instead of going down to the river Elbe, made ​​a deal with the Germanic tribes defeated, consigning them all the territory lost .

Caracalla had to fight against the Germans (which meant a Germanic tribe of warrior- men ) and against the Parthians . A prefect of the Praetorian wanted to succeed him in power and killed him during the military campaign , but the empire was taken from the bizarre Elagabalus . Alexander Severus, also died in combat – . After defeating the Parthians and the Sassanids their successors in the East, was killed by the army who did not like his peace negotiations with the Germans .

The army deeply reformed especially by Septimius Severus , was composed of provincial, he could also marry, have children , a family , a house and a plot near the limes ( border) defending . They were also accepted for the first time even the barbarian mercenaries in the army .

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