by William Shakespeare



1.               What are the main differences between a comedy and a tragedy

2.               What is the development of a tragic plot

3.               What are the characteristics of a the main character ina tragedy

4.               Which are the basic techniques used in tragedies?

5.               Why is the dialogue important?

6.               What is an aside?

7.               What is the function of the chorus?

8.               What are prologue and epilogue?

9.               What is the function of the soliloquy?

10.         What do we means by stage directions?

11.         How many periods of production can be traced in Shakespeares

12.         Which period does Hamlet belong to?

13.         What sort of hero have we got in Shakespearstragedies?

14.         What is the role of fate and destinity in his tragedies?

15.         Who is the villain?

16.         Tragedy arouse pity and fear. Explain

17.         Elizabethan tragedies are written in verse. Which one?

18.         Is the prose used? When and why?

19.         Three are the main stages in the tragedy. Which are?

20.         How many acts are there?

21.         How can the hero regain his noble charisma in the end?