Maggiori servizi offerti dalle banche (inglese commerciale)



A credit card is a plastic card. A customer to get a credit card on day to day personal or business express up to a maximum limit. A bank charged the interest rate on the outstanding balance. At the end of the month the credit card company sends the customers a bill with che list of payments and charges.


Are used for amount of money which must immediately available. The bank gives a chequebook or a cash cards. The cash cards is used to take cash from the machines outside the bank, with a cash card the banks will also give a pin. The chequebook is a written instruction to the bank to pay a some of money to the drawer or to the payee. The bankd takes the money from the account and pays it to a person named on the cheque. After opening an account you will get a montly record of the deposits and made on the withdrawls made by cheque.


There are many ways of borrowing money from banks. Bank offer a wide range of loans both for personale an for business purposes to buy various assets, to buy houses for business premises. In bank offer mortgages by which they lend amount to cover about the 80% of the purchase price. The are montly repayment which can be effected in period of 5 to 20 years. Banks can also provide leasing options to business firms, which are forms of financing assets such as vehicles an machinary.


There are many forms of raising finance future, such as life insurance pension and the purchase of stocks and founds. A company who wants to invest ian a pension scheme can choose the amount of contribution and the length of period on the basis of the age people decided to retire. People decide to invest in a pension scheme to have a higher income when they reach the age of retirement.


Business can also offer other services specifically designed for trade. The most used are: start up business advice when the bank offer assistant to start up a business, credit financing which helps exporter to collect payment an importers to pay, credit informatin trough which banks give information on the economic position of the potential customers and investment advice, through which banks provide advice an investment protects.


Business can used internet bank sevices. They are vey useful because they are fast and easy to navigate, functional, secur and there are no fees for ordinary customers. The main services which can be used on line are: payments, viewing, and dowloading account transaction.

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