Passage to India

Edward Morgan Forster

test by Mara Masseroni 

1.      Why does Aziz go the Mosque?

2.      Why has Mrs. Moore taken off her shoes?

3.      What do we get to know about Mrs. Moores family?

4.      What is Azizs attitude towards the British? Find evidences in the text

5.      Why does Aziz consider Mrs. Moore an Oriental”?

6.      What does Islam rapresent for Aziz?

7.      In your opinion, where does Azizis prejudice stem from?

8.      Mrs Moore shows her respect for Aziz and his culture in different occasions. Mention them

9.      Does Mrs Moores attitude make Aziz soften his prejudice against the dominant group of India? If yes, give evidence

10. Why has Aziz  stopped complaining at the end of the passage?

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