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– Rules

The purpose of this game is to send the ball in the opponents part of the court, in zones (delimited with lines) that can change because of the type of the match, if it is a double or a single match. The ball must touch the earth one time in the adversarys court, you can make a point when the opponent cant hit the ball or when he cant reply the ball over the net.

The matches are divided in two or more sets. One set is composed from six or more games. you can win a game when you make fours points (called 15, 30, 40 and victory). A game start with the service of one of the players


– History

Tennis derived from a very old Greek game, called spheristikè. This game was propagated in many different parts of the world. In France it takes the name paume” because at the beginning the players played with their hands, but then they begun to play with rackets; it became the national sport , the first rules of this sport were written in 1559. From this sport derived ping pong”, squash” and tennis”. The inventor of modern tennis was Mr. Wingfield, he patented this game in 1847, but at that time the rules and the size of the court where different. With the passed of time the court was lengthened and the net was lowered until the 1900 when there was the first Davis cup, at that time the rule and the size of the court were the same as today.


– Davis Cup

In 1900 there was the first Davis Cup. This Cup is the most important event for tennis males players teams. Every nation, that participate in the Davis Cup, have a team, composed of five players, that play different challenges during the Davis Cup. The most important event for females players teams is the Fed Cup”


– Tournaments

The most important tournaments are the Roland Garros”, that is the Frances Open, the Wimbledon Tournament”, the Australian Open” and the U.S. Open”. These four tournaments are called Big Slams Tournaments”.

The first Roland Garros tournament was played in 1891 the main characteristic of this tournament are the ground courts. The Wimbledon tournament is the most ancient and prestigious tournament and it is played in England, the players in Wimbledon plays in grass courts, the Australian open is the first Big Slams tournament, that players play during the year. The first US Open was played in 1881.

– Roger Federer

Roger Federer was born in Basilea, on the eighth of august 1981, so he is a Swiss tennis player. At the moment he is the first player in the world ranking. He is esteemed one of the best tennis player of the history. In 2004 he has became  the first player who win three Big Slams tournament in the same year since 1988. He does the same thing in 2006 and 2007. He holds many records, in fact he has won the Wimbledon for five consecutive years and he has won the U.S. Open for four consecutive years. He hasnt had an official trainer since the may of 2007: this is very unusual.