Internal politics of the Antonines and Severi

The figure shows that most in this period is the extension of Roman citizenship . By now all those that are within the boundaries of the empire are considered the Romans, who live in Africa, Turkey , Greece, the Balkans, Gaul or Britannia .

This process of Romanization will lead more and more to move the concept from Roman ‘ Italy to the provinces, and will provide a basis for a forfeiture of’ Italy .

Even the emperors of this period no longer come only from Italy but also from Gaul , Africa and Syria.

This process was accomplished with the Constitutio Antonine of Caracalla , which grants citizenship to all the subjects of the Roman ‘ Empire.

During this period, the consilium principis becomes more important than the Senate.

Half of the rest of the senators now comes from the provinces . And the most important lawyers who begin to codify Roman law are of provincial origin.