The Age of Anxiety

compito di inglese sul novecento

  1. What was the social and economic situation like in Great Britain after the First World War?

  2. Who was Loyd George and which reforms he got through?

  3. Who was on the throne when the first world war broke out?

  4. Why was the 20th century defined as The Age of Anxiety?

  5. Who put in doubt the idea of time?

  6. Who applied the new tecnique called stream of consciuosness” into preactice?

  7. What do we mean by stream of consciousness?

  8. What was the role of Great Britain in the second world war?

  9. Who was on the throne when second world war broke out?

  10. Which were the main political parties after war?

  11. Which was the contribution of the Marshall Plan?

  12. What are the new themes in narrative fiction?