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di Miriam Gaudio

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Cesano Boscone is a little town outside Milan, his name cames from Caesius”, a Roman  man who had the territory while there is Boscone” because it was a green area.

Cesano Boscone devolped in Longobard period, when Teodolinda queen founded the church S. Giovanni Battista. Now its the most important situated in the heart of Cesano Boscone. 56

In the Middle Ages it was an important place but long after it became a small village. In the past it was an typical agrarian town with fields, woods and farms but now there is only one: Dornetti farmhouse. 39

Cesano Boscone is divided in four districts which have each a different color: la corte”, yellow, the heart of the town where there is the historical center with its narrow streets;  Il boschetto”, green, the most modern area where once there was meadows; il ponticello”, red, where there are buildings for sport, school, and music; la cascina”, blue, the most agrarian area. 62

All the years on September there is the patron saint: in the streets of the historical center there are medieval games, the award winning is a bottle of Dornettis wine. 30

During the patron saint there is the Pal’io del Cinghiale”: a competition between the districts which consists in: tug of war,  relay, donkey race, and archery. After the games there is a exciting flag waver exhibition. 30

I love the place where Ive grown up bacause Im at ease in small, quite places. I know everyone here, the people healthy me when I walk in the narrow, beautiful Cesano Boscones streets.34

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