Sense and sensibility

by Jane Austen

1.       The plot of the story

2.       Who represents Sense” and who represents Sensibility” (male and female characters). Give examples

3.       When does Marianne recover from her infatuation?

4.        Describe the following characters using three adjectives for each: Henry Dashwood – Mrs. Henry Dashwood – Mr. John Dashwood – Mrs. John Dashwood – Elinor – Marianne

5.       What are the qualities Marianne appreciate most in a man?

6.       What was Mrs. Jenningss favorite pastime?

7.       How old is Colonel Brandon?

8.       How does Marianne support her idea that Colonel Brandon cant be in love with her?

9.       Why does Jane Austen make Marianne marry Colonel Brandon in the end? What is her opinion on love?

10.    Make comaprison between the main female characters in Pride and Prejudice and in Sense and Sensibility.

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