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Jesus is a historical figure . It belongs to the category of prophets and preachers who proclaimed themselves the Messiah, and that they were put to death. With their deaths their sect dispersed and exhausted . It did not happen that way for the sect of Christians, who testified that the founder of their sect had risen from the dead and appeared several times after his resurrection, and ascended into heaven with the promise to return to the end of time. This incredible news was actually believed by a growing number of disciples.

The name of Jesus is the name Yehoshua in Hebrew , and was very popular , because it was also the name of a famous prophet Joshua. IN Latin was pronounced Jesus , and is now writing as you write in modern English Jesus , even if you pronounce it differently.

He was probably born a few years before Christ, because of an error of a monk at the time of Gregory the Great ( about 600 AD ) , and began preaching , as Saint Luke, in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius, then around 27 or 28 AD

The news of his religion consist of :

1) into a new conception of God , no more severe judge as Yahweh or capricious sovereign , like Zeus or Jupiter, but good God who forgives those who turn to Him with acknowledging his sin

2 ) the sense of sin , entirely unknown to the Greeks and Romans , but well known to the Jews, is an important element in the new religion . We can say that for the Greeks the absolute model of good is embodied by the man, or rather by the hero , handsome and brave, while for Christians it is realized, the God-man Jesus Christ , that men may seek to imitate, but without ever reaching their full model .

3 ) In the new perspective of Christianity did not count impurities , including , for example, the ancients, especially the Jews , believed that they were filled with women, especially during the period of their cycle , or when you gave birth to a son, or when they had been marginalized because they are considered immoral , or prostitutes. Yet it is a prostitute who says that Christ will be forgiven much

4) The purpose of previous religions was to appease the wrath of the gods by offering sacrifices , or appear to the eyes of all the other pure , blameless and decent . The purpose of the new religion is instead not to appear , but to be really pure , not in front of others, but in the sight of God, that in the privacy of their own existence. This establishes a relationship between man and God very different from the previous period , much more intimate , deep, less outward , not based on external rites , but on a test of inner life and sincere .

5 ) For the earlier religions had already planned a division of social classes and gender , while in the new religion all are considered brothers and sisters, and there is no distinction between Jew and Greek , Slave and Free, Male or Female , as St Paul in his letter . For the ancient foreigners, slaves and women did not enjoy all the rights, for all people Christians count the same in front of God

6) The salvation was granted to the ancients only a select few on the basis of very exclusive , for example, according to Cicero , to the benefactors of their country, or garlic initiates a mystery cult . Instead, for Christianity to it are intended for all men who work for the good. Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are the pure in heart, for Christ says in his most famous speech , known as the Sermon on the Mount. This salvation is not only postponed to a paradise to be enjoyed after death, but it is early in the earth , as a Christian who follows Christ already fulfilled on earth the kingdom of heaven , getting back to that waiver , multiplied by one hundred times

7) Christ , unlike the prophets of the ‘ Old Testament, the great initiators of other Eastern religions , or priests , says he has an authority that comes directly from God , because he comes from God , and is the son of God might only the Egyptian pharaohs had boasted a similar consistency with the deity , as all those who had stated life of being , as we have seen, Nero, and Domitian , had only run the risk of opinion ridiculous . For the Jews own the claim of Jesus to be the son of God will be the cause of his condemnation to death by the Sanhedrin .

8) Finally, unlike earlier this religion , emphasizes a clear separation of the religious from the political sphere . “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” just means that the political realm must be separated from the religious , in contrast to what had always been the case , both in the Greek -Roman religion , both in the Jewish . So Christ suffered disappoint the expectations of those who saw a figure in the Messiah who would drag the Jew people to independence from Rome , and a political redemption . He indeed, from a political point of view , it looks like a loser , at least in the short term , because against him converge the highest Jewish religious hierarchies and the governor, the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate, who almost forced to do so by the insistence of the people of Jerusalem, to avert one of the frequent uprisings Jewish , condemned him to death around the year 30 AD

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